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December 15, 2014
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Welcome to Bettor TV , the only place on the web where you will find all necessary information to become a professional online bettor. Read our tips, apply our strategies, increase you self-confidence! With the help of Bettor TV , you will come to know the riches you never dared dream about. Sign up at our trusted, featured sites for the best bettor deals on the wide web. Stay, play, eawin massivelyrn! What is your preferred niche? Poker? Roulette? Sportsbooks? Slots? Blackjack? Opportunities are uncountable, and any casino game you may think of randomly is available online nowadays. Not surprising whatsoever, as betting from the comfort of our own homes certainly has its benefits. And the best news is: the market is still on the rise!

Still, gambling is no less risky than it used to be, online or live. Remember to apply golden betting rules:

Betting rules

1. Define your goals and stick to them at all times;
2. Don’t bet if in an improper state of mind;
3. Keep accumulating the gains and be patient in the process.

As ever, a good will power is the most important feat when betting. Even if your favor games of chance over games of skill, knowing where to draw a line is what will promote you to a winner. Call it a day when things seem bleak, as the wheel of fortune keeps spinning. :)

Online Card Games

If you don’t have a preferred betting game, but wish to earn some easy money instead, consider playing online card games. A poker variant or is often the best choice as, on top of being lucrative, it comes packed with free bonuses. That, indeed, is one of the greatest benefits of online casinos. Namely, as soon as you sign up at an internet poker room, you will get a free deposit bonus, and additional bonuses beside. Sums and conditions may vary depending on the casino, and you are strongly advised to read the terms and conditions of the target poker room beforehand. Payment options are also defined there. As for payment options, every online bettor site offers a fair variety of choices, and indeed everyone is able to find a suitable payment option, regardless of their location. Also, every bettor should know that online money depositing and withdrawal are as safe as it gets. Relax, enjoy, win big! Lastly, you will need to create an account to start betting online.

Best bettor sites

At Bettor TV you will find top notch offers: licensed, free, and 100% risk-free. Sign up today for the best bettor site on the web! join the long list of happy bettors earning massively from the comfort of their homes!

Bettor Tips and Strategies

Bettor – Amateur of Professional?

December 15, 2014

Bettor out of hobby

Many sports bettors are only hobbyists who place bets for the sole joy of the game. They don’t have huge earnings, but consider betting a convenient hobby. It may sound strange to people thinking only about profit, but this category consists of amateur and professional bettors alike. Being a bettor nowadays seems to be entertaining for many.

Since the majority of people are more interested in TV games (especially Super Bowl or the NCAA Tournament), this doesn’t strike us as surprising. Nevertheless, money management always plays an important role, and sports betting is no exception. If your long-term goal is to reach a steady income, you should start with drafting a viable strategy.

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